Wow so many visitors at my new store :)

I have been overwhelmed with some lovely compliments on the new layout of the store and the fantasy look and feel of it. To those amazing people who really boosted my ego – a huge thank you! I have now extended my bargains  and have a huge array ( to be added to as time goes on) of $1,£10 , $25 and $50 dollarbies which will be a permanent fixture in the store. They are all upstairs in the main store and are all clearly labelled. It’s taken a lot of time and effort to do it – and some items have been in storage for a while – so forgive the old boxes!

I hope you’ll pop over and have a look – there’s some Hunt gifties which are varying prices ( but all really good value) and some old stock that was popular too.

I have a new range of clothing called Tenderotica which I’ll preview for you so you can see it. Again good prices for everyone…..

TenderoticaSlashed-Coper-Bo TenderoticaSlashed-Gold-Box TenderoticaSlashed-Hazel-Bo TenderoticaSlashed-JeansBox TenderoticaSlashed-Leaf-Box TenderoticaSlashed-Midnight TenderoticaSlashed-Plum-Box TenderoticaSlashed-Puce-Box TenderoticaSlashed-redBox TenderoticaSlashedTealBox

The slashed camis are $50L each and the capris are $50L or you can buy a fatpack of them all for only $250L – a bargain! Look for the Tenderotica display near the huge purple robot. The robot is a pose ball with five poses in and unfortunately is not for sale – but do  bring your friends and have fun taking photos of him with you all on him!

Anyways – hope you all like the new store –





New look store!!! It’s gorgeous!!!! And LAGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!

New GF store_001

Oh I am soo excited about my new look store – I’ve made it even more fantasy and have HUGE flowers and mushrooms all over the place! There’s a new Fairy portal at the new entrance landing point and its just – well . I’ve had loads of compliments and now feel the store looks so much better than before!

I have also installed a gateway which limits avatar scripts to 100 – a fairly large amount of scripts for most avies. So if you come loaded up with weapons, dripping with jewellery or carrying far too many huds – you won’t be able to get in! I have been accused of having a laggy place – in fact my shop isn’t laggy – but many avatars don’t realise that they actually create their own lag by wearing abnormally highly scripted items including resizer scripts in clothing , hair and shoes.

I’ve put up a board that shows how many scripts your avatar is wearing, so you can actually see for yourself, and a couple of notices to explain how lag is created by you. There’s also a gift of a lag meter in one of the notices that you can take away and have a look at home.  If you are stopped at the gate and can’t get in – I apologise – but – I want your shopping experience to be lag free – and this is one good way to do it. It by the way also encourages people to not just pop in to grief etc .. so it’s good all round.

Please do let me know if you find I have been grumpy about this or whether you think it works well for you – I’m trying to let  all my shoppers enjoy the most pleasant shopping experience – whether you are coming for the lucky chairs, Mm boards, or one and ten dollarbies ( which are upstairs) or whether you are shopping for a special rp item of clothing – please do take note of your own lag. And thanks for reading!

Many new items now in store including a new range called Tenderotica! Why not pop over and see for yourself – you won’t be disappointed!




2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 2,900 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 5 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

Start of the Hunts!!!!!

A load of Hunts  start 1st June – so don’t miss out!!!! Loads of lovely items made by some of SL’s best designers and creators – furniture, jewellery, all sorts of wonderful goodies just waiting to be found by  intrepid hunters – and all are FREE! I always try to make one male and one female outfit – or I’ll do a new tattoo for the guys – whichever way – I hope you like my gifts!!!


Also featured today is one of my new clothing ranges for the guys – its called Ranger and would go nicely with my female ranger outfit. Both are suitable for medieval/fantasy roleplay – particularly elven  ones. Here’s a photo of my male and female Ranger outfits to tempt you!!!

Don’t forget – nothing is over $200L in the shop and many things are a lot less – so – on your marks…. get set …. GO for the HUNTS!!!!!!!!!!

Mercury Rising Hunt Gift for da ladies ….

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Mercury rising?? Days getting hotter/ The slip on this cool, soft, silky dress, add a nifty hat to shade your eyes – and Bob’s your Uncle – cool as a cucumber in the heat ….. Take a peep at the gift from Goddess Fantasies!!!

And for the gents? Well strip off and show us your muscles – a lovely tattoo for you guys …..

Hunts, hunts hunts!!

Come one , come all – there are so many hunts now ongoing that you must join at least a few of them to refresh your wardrobe, and make yourself feel spoiled!!

May into June sees the last of the Life in Bloom Hunt by Ava Carrasco@ the  FAR  Group – I am so  sad to see this Hunt end as its been a load of fun! However – its not all doom and gloom – in fact theres more hunts for your money starting shortly!!!!

Time for a Cure Hunt – ongoing – Unisex prize to be found!

1)A Midsummer Night’s Dream 3
Gridwide Hunt

June 21 thru July 21, 2012

2) The Silk Road Hunt 3 starts 1st June

3)The Medieval Fantasy Hunt 1-30th June

4) Mercury Rising Hunt June 1st – 30th


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Sinister Steampunk Hunt July 1st – 31st