Hunts are still going strong – come on over!!! More newness in store! – Historical Hunts is still going strong and this year there’s been more people hunting than ever!!!! The Medieval Fantasy Hunt is attracting HUGE numbers of people too – thanks to everyone who has visited my store so far – hope you are enjoying it!



Egyptian-silks-Moroccan Goddess-Black-Widow-box-finGoddess-Erin-(-St-Patrick's Emily-pink Emily-white


From top to bottom – Goddess Egyptian Silks $150L

Goddess Black Widow on special at only $99L

Goddess Erin for St Patrick’s Day only $50L

FREE Shamrock eyes for anyone in store too

Goddess Emily pink and white only $25L each from the gatcha machine – .

Loads more bargains, freebies and cheapies upstairs in the bargain attic – and don’t forget your FREE HUnt gifts!! See ya soon




Wow so many visitors at my new store :)

I have been overwhelmed with some lovely compliments on the new layout of the store and the fantasy look and feel of it. To those amazing people who really boosted my ego – a huge thank you! I have now extended my bargains  and have a huge array ( to be added to as time goes on) of $1,£10 , $25 and $50 dollarbies which will be a permanent fixture in the store. They are all upstairs in the main store and are all clearly labelled. It’s taken a lot of time and effort to do it – and some items have been in storage for a while – so forgive the old boxes!

I hope you’ll pop over and have a look – there’s some Hunt gifties which are varying prices ( but all really good value) and some old stock that was popular too.

I have a new range of clothing called Tenderotica which I’ll preview for you so you can see it. Again good prices for everyone…..

TenderoticaSlashed-Coper-Bo TenderoticaSlashed-Gold-Box TenderoticaSlashed-Hazel-Bo TenderoticaSlashed-JeansBox TenderoticaSlashed-Leaf-Box TenderoticaSlashed-Midnight TenderoticaSlashed-Plum-Box TenderoticaSlashed-Puce-Box TenderoticaSlashed-redBox TenderoticaSlashedTealBox

The slashed camis are $50L each and the capris are $50L or you can buy a fatpack of them all for only $250L – a bargain! Look for the Tenderotica display near the huge purple robot. The robot is a pose ball with five poses in and unfortunately is not for sale – but do  bring your friends and have fun taking photos of him with you all on him!

Anyways – hope you all like the new store –




Getting excited again – hunts are only a few days away!

Starting on 1st December and running through to 31st this hunt is specifically for those who like medieval fantasy roleplay – so it’s perfect for my store! The stores are now bing checked to make sure everything is spot on and the gifts and hints are all in place. Do click on the link to go to the web page  and read more about which stores are in the hunt!!!

The second Renaissance Hunt is also due to start on 1st December and the excitement is again building!!!! Not only the Hunt but also the wonderful Dickens Christmas Village based on the Dickens story ” A Christmas Carol”.

Go here to see some photos of the ghosts and mister Scrooge!!!!

My offerings as gifts to these hunts … well I showed you two of them – now let me reveal all 4 outfits – 2 for the guys and 2 for the girls.

Goddess Damsel and Goddess Blacksmith are my gifts  for the Medieval Fantasy Hunt and Goddess Wintergreen Male and Female are gifts for the Renaissance Hunt. Once the Hunts are over they will be available in store to purchase at full price of $200L each.

Do enjoy them!!!But first you have to find them! So don’t forget to join up at the shop – just touch the signs and you will be able to join up – a good idea so if there are any glitches  you will be informed immediately.


I’ve made another new outfit called Emerald Drops – at the request of a customer –

and an absolutely Dazzlingly gorgeous outfit which will make you shine at any Seasonal Party! Wear it formal or casual, wear just the trousers and the fur bits – however you choose have fun in it – the gown is called Goddess Dazzling – I still need to box Dazzling up  it’s a lot of fabric to get tidily into one small box – but I’ll do my best :)- but just a taste of the latest exciting clothes from Goddess Fantasies!

Hunts are going so well!

ALL the hunts are going SO well, the store has been busier than ever….!

Many thanks for the wonderful comments I’ve had about the shop – how many of you  like it – this makes me feel so good about my work in Second Life – it’s nice to get compliments!

Just wanted to tell you I appreciate your coming over to the store and chatting to me – thanks to everyone who has been over – and here’s to many more of you hunting!

Tempus Fugit … and how!

Oh wow – is it really that long since I’ve blogged? Can’t believe where the time has gone – so (takes a deep breath) here we go … more Hunts on the way for the Store – starting in September…

Skipping Stones Hunt

runs from Sept 15th to Sept 29th 2012

Carnival Days Hunt ($5L per item)

Hunt Starts on September 1st and Ends on September 30th

Twisted Hunt runs from 1st to 30th September – dark and twisted and warped . perfect!!!

Steam the Hunt 7 coming soon this time the theme is H.G. Wells Time and Space.

Medieval Fantasy Hunt VI coming soon  more later….

I’ve made a load of gifts – already – hwwhich is part of the reason I haven’t blogged much recently … plus Dah  dah dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh some more new items of clothing in store – I think you may like these ….

Some news on Twisted Thorn – the big sim is no more, Nighty has to put her real life first – however she is opening up a new store – so you can still see her wonderful textures in SL!

Some news on Legacies  London rp sim – this has now shut down – which is such a shame… it was one of the most beautiful builds in Second life in my humble opinion…… but there are loads of amazing rp sims going – so perhaps you can find somewhere else to rp. Why not look up the RPC – the Roleplay Centre – proprietor Elpheba Scientist and find out about her fantastic Roleplay venue – lots of places to see and lots of information there for you. The RPC – The Role Play Centre, Hunters VIII (65, 76, 32)


Dont forget to pop over and have a look in store for all my ex hunt gifts – only $10L each …..

see you soon!

Loads of Hunts ongoing!

It’s the LAST day of the Time for a Cure Hunt – and just to remind you – here’s a picture of the Unisex outfit I made for that – so get your skates on and get over – this is a hunt where we are raising money for  a really worthy cause – so please pay a little – every Linden counts.

Unisex Gift - Time for a Cure Hunt

The Medieval Fantasies Hunt is well under way and I have had loads of hunters come to visit – and hope for loads more 🙂 Heres a reminder of the gifts I have for that hunt .. to tempt you!

Medieval Fantasy  Hunt gift for the ladiesMFH Gift for the  men

The Mercury Rising Hunt is  up and ongoing and there has been  lot of hunters in the store looking – welcome one and all –  here’s the gift you are looking for !

Mercury Rising Hunt gift

Mercury Rising Hunt  ladies gift.Mercury Rising Hunt gift for men

The Silk Road hunt is also sending lots of people my way – here’s a preview of the gifts for that one 🙂

Silk Road Hunt gift for ladiesSilk Road gift for the guys

Coming VERY soon – are 3 more wonderful Hunts – A Midsummer Nights Dream Hunt, The Sinister Hunt and the Roleplayers Hunt – do watch out for the start of these hunts  – in fact why not come over and click the signs now before the rush starts???? Join the groups and get hunting for  your new summer wardrobe 🙂

On my way to begin making some new gifts – see you all very soon

Spring Hunt!!

Well today I was working on my gift for the Spring Hunt which is due to start at the beginning of March . The theme is ” Rain” – so my creative juices have been flowing , and I have been working really hard to reflect the theme in an item. And no – I’m not telling you what it is!!! Suffice it to say I have a male and a female outfit in mind … and that’s all the clue I am going to give you! Please don’t forget the hunt for the Treasure chest – there’s a copy of one of my latest outfits “Patches” in the chest. I have also got a few real bargains on sale – which will end on Sunday – so if you have some Xmas spending money left – come over, and get loads of goodies at knock down prices.

If you are looking at the page – please do comment – I welcome your comments and will try to reply to everyone. Ideas and suggestions for new clothes ( I’ll do my best – but no absolute promises ….), comments on how the clothes look, where you wear them – anything at all – or just say hi. I won’t bite …….. much.

Hope to see you all soon!