Christmas is fast approaching!!!

Hello everyone – I’ve been busy again making some new gifts for the various Hunts and special Faires currently on in Second Life. Let me tell you about a few of them.

You can read about the wonderful Christlkindmarkt that Perryn Peterson is running theres lots of lovely pictures of the market which I’m sure will tempt you to go there!!! The merriment started on 1st December and goes right through till 31st.

Next the Medieval Fantasy Hunt which is themed ” Once Upon a Dark Time” should bring in some lovely dark items for you to hunt. I’ve made two items in black which will be sure to put a shiver up your spines!!! This Hunt runs through January and I shall be letting you all know when it begins.


Next on the agenda – a new Hunt for me … A Yule Hunt which is being organised by Sacred Cauldron. The Hunt runs from 15th December until 15th Jan. Contact Kara Foxdale for more information.

I have a lovely new Winter Gown on offer at the moment – perfect for anything formal or Fae – it’s called ” Goddess Snow Fae”. You want a picture?? Ok , you persuaded me!!


You can find it in store – if you wear your Goddess Fantasies tag you get it at a 20% discount – bargain!!!
More to come soon – see you!!!


More newness from Goddess Fantasies

Here’s a few more new things from Goddess Fantasies : A wonderful winter festival is going to be happening soon – and yes I have a stall there Christkindlmarkt will be running all through December Christkindlmarkt-idea3

A grid wide hunt by Sacred Cauldron runs from Dec 15, to Jan 15. It should be a good one – so keep your eyes open for notices :0 I have the gift made already … and it’s a secret!

Great news for Role players! The Isle of Dee has reopened and is at this address in Second Life – Isle of Dee, Zebre (127, 130, 4004) – it is a Moderate sim so be careful with your dress code! The owners and admins have worked really hard to create a wonderful place for you to play in – so please be sensible and play nicely.

Well again – that’s it from me – more news soon.

Apologies for my lack of blogs!!!

I am so sorry I haven’t blogged for a whileImage – it’s hard to run a business, design, create, model, wash the floors and blog too. My lovely Jilly has been awol too, her pc was playing up, but here i am again with some fabulous new designs just for you all!!


OK people – many , many apologies for the lack of blogs recently!

Hunts in store currently – Medieval Fantasy Hunt and The Renaissance Hunt.

Two amazing Hunts in store till the end of September – so there’s still plenty of time for you to search the store and sweep up your goodies. Here’s a peek at the gifts I’m offering this time round :





I’ve also made loads more new items – so do go and look in store










Well that’s all from me for now – Cya soon!!!!

Long time no see!! Sorry for the huge gap in blogging!

OK so these >>>> are the reasons why I haven’t been blogging! It’s hard work running a store on your own when you are chief cook and bottle washer as well as head gopher ( goes for this, goes for that) model, advertising manager, photographer, designer, marketing manager, dress maker and hunt gift maker too – as well as designing posters for friends and trying to have an SL of my own, finding time to blog is really difficult. Any volunteers would ALWAYS be welcome!!

Bloggers get a wonderful deal – for writing  a page about clothing which is sent to them free – they try on the clothing ( jewellery, hats, shoes whatever they are blogging about) take a few photos, insert it into their blog and post the blog, then send the blog to all the friends and relations of the store they are blogging for. It’s a cool way to get loads of new free clothes. If you haven’t ever thought of blogging before – it could become a hobby for you and being paid in clothing etc is a brilliant way of doing things! Yes HINT HINT HINT!!!!

Have a look at the photos below – I’ve had a great time building a couple of houses and things – it makes a change from clothing………….

Ok down to business – there’s still 4 hunts on in store : The Medieval Fantasy Hunt runs till 30th June – so you still have time to hunt – gifts are in two of these pics – try and see which ! Also the Silk Road Hunt again is running till 30th June. Combine this with A Midsummer Nights Dream Hunt and finally the Boston  Bombing Hunt which is collecting money for victims of the horrific Boston Bombing. So – all in all loads of gifts for you all to search for!!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog – more newness on the way shortly!

Hugs ,




Daoine-Beaga-Fairy-Fountain Daoine-Beaga-Cottage-new-2_ Wishing Well Cottage Interior_001 Daoine Beaga Fairy Fountain new 1_001 Daoine Beaga Cottage new 3_001 Daoine Beaga Fairy Cottage pic 2_001 Daoine-Beaga-Wishing-Well-C Sweet-Pea-Fairy-large-adver Stoker-large-advert Caliph-Silk-Road-4-Hunt-gif Scheherazade Silk Road Hunt gift 4 F

Hunts are still going strong – come on over!!! More newness in store! – Historical Hunts is still going strong and this year there’s been more people hunting than ever!!!! The Medieval Fantasy Hunt is attracting HUGE numbers of people too – thanks to everyone who has visited my store so far – hope you are enjoying it!



Egyptian-silks-Moroccan Goddess-Black-Widow-box-finGoddess-Erin-(-St-Patrick's Emily-pink Emily-white


From top to bottom – Goddess Egyptian Silks $150L

Goddess Black Widow on special at only $99L

Goddess Erin for St Patrick’s Day only $50L

FREE Shamrock eyes for anyone in store too

Goddess Emily pink and white only $25L each from the gatcha machine – .

Loads more bargains, freebies and cheapies upstairs in the bargain attic – and don’t forget your FREE HUnt gifts!! See ya soon



HUNTING TIME AGAIN!!!!!!YAYYYY!!!!!! is one of the places you should go to if you want a sneak peek at the information about the Steam 8 Hunt – courtesy of Mister Perryn Peterson, Mayor of Mieville Steampunk sims. This Hunt is always really popular, and the gifts are startlingly good!!

My own gifts follow the theme set of ” Lost Worlds” – One gift for the ladies and one for the gents :


The other Hunt I am pleased to be in is the Medieval Fantasy Hunt – presented by Eldo – here’s a link to the pages for more information

My gifts for this are



As well as creating these for the hunts – I have again ventured into the complicated world of mesh clothing – with a new line of sweet and fruity Chinese cheongsams – close fitting silk dresses – this new and vibrant set is named after juicy fruits – and perfectly reflects the freshness of their style!

Cheongsam-Strawberry-box_00 Cheongsam-Plum-box_001 Cheongsam-Pear-box_001 Cheongsam-Melon-box_001 Cheongsam-LIME-box_001 Cheongsam-Grape-box_001 Cheongsam-fatpack-advert Cheongsam-Blueberry-box_001

Only $99L each  – each box contains the alpha layer needed plus five sizes – Small, Medium, Large, XL and XS – one of them will be perfect for you! There’s also the fatpack of all seven cheongsams – one for each day of the week – buy the fatpack for $600L and save!!!

Well for now that’s all from me – but i’ll be posting soon –

Take care and bye for now