More newness from Goddess Fantasies

Here’s a few more new things from Goddess Fantasies : A wonderful winter festival is going to be happening soon – and yes I have a stall there Christkindlmarkt will be running all through December Christkindlmarkt-idea3

A grid wide hunt by Sacred Cauldron runs from Dec 15, to Jan 15. It should be a good one – so keep your eyes open for notices :0 I have the gift made already … and it’s a secret!

Great news for Role players! The Isle of Dee has reopened and is at this address in Second Life – Isle of Dee, Zebre (127, 130, 4004) – it is a Moderate sim so be careful with your dress code! The owners and admins have worked really hard to create a wonderful place for you to play in – so please be sensible and play nicely.

Well again – that’s it from me – more news soon.


Apologies for my lack of blogs!!!

I am so sorry I haven’t blogged for a whileImage – it’s hard to run a business, design, create, model, wash the floors and blog too. My lovely Jilly has been awol too, her pc was playing up, but here i am again with some fabulous new designs just for you all!!