Jilly’s Introduction…

Merry Meet! My name is Jilly and I am thrilled to be invited to post at the Goddess Fantasies blog. I am also model in the gorgeous shop owned by the talented Tattoo Lane. I’ve loved fashion for as long as I can remember. In the virtual world of Second Life, you will find me in two sizes: Petite and “Biggie”. Pfft, Biggies don’t like being referred to as such because they were there first. However, Petites are often called “Tinies” and we find that equally distasteful. Why? Because there is a copyrighted avatar called Tinies, they can only wear prims. Plus, they’re animals. Petites is a whole other ball game! Petites are a specific mesh avatar, only able to wear certain base clothing with prim accessories. No matter my height, by default I wear faery wings and feline ears, whiskers, eyes and a tail. I honor a real life kitty who crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. All that aside. I seek only the best of fashion and accessories within Second Life and that led me to Goddess Fantasies. A friend sent me the shop link because there are wings…well, I then discovered there were fantastic gowns with lush textures and attention to detail…and hoorah, word has come to my pointed ear (since, yes, I am a fae), Tattoo is working on a Petite line of her gowns! Come along on a journey and discover why Goddess Fantasies is like no other store in all of Second Life.


About jilly

Personal journal for an upcoming year of personal growth.

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