Long time no see!! Sorry for the huge gap in blogging!

OK so these >>>> are the reasons why I haven’t been blogging! It’s hard work running a store on your own when you are chief cook and bottle washer as well as head gopher ( goes for this, goes for that) model, advertising manager, photographer, designer, marketing manager, dress maker and hunt gift maker too – as well as designing posters for friends and trying to have an SL of my own, finding time to blog is really difficult. Any volunteers would ALWAYS be welcome!!

Bloggers get a wonderful deal – for writing  a page about clothing which is sent to them free – they try on the clothing ( jewellery, hats, shoes whatever they are blogging about) take a few photos, insert it into their blog and post the blog, then send the blog to all the friends and relations of the store they are blogging for. It’s a cool way to get loads of new free clothes. If you haven’t ever thought of blogging before – it could become a hobby for you and being paid in clothing etc is a brilliant way of doing things! Yes HINT HINT HINT!!!!

Have a look at the photos below – I’ve had a great time building a couple of houses and things – it makes a change from clothing………….

Ok down to business – there’s still 4 hunts on in store : The Medieval Fantasy Hunt http://medievalfantasyhunt.blogspot.de/which runs till 30th June – so you still have time to hunt – gifts are in two of these pics – try and see which ! Also the Silk Road Hunt http://historicalhunts.blogspot.co.uk/which again is running till 30th June. Combine this with A Midsummer Nights Dream Hunt http://kastlerockhunts.blogspot.co.uk/ and finally the Boston  Bombing Hunt which is collecting money for victims of the horrific Boston Bombing. So – all in all loads of gifts for you all to search for!!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog – more newness on the way shortly!

Hugs ,




Daoine-Beaga-Fairy-Fountain Daoine-Beaga-Cottage-new-2_ Wishing Well Cottage Interior_001 Daoine Beaga Fairy Fountain new 1_001 Daoine Beaga Cottage new 3_001 Daoine Beaga Fairy Cottage pic 2_001 Daoine-Beaga-Wishing-Well-C Sweet-Pea-Fairy-large-adver Stoker-large-advert Caliph-Silk-Road-4-Hunt-gif Scheherazade Silk Road Hunt gift 4 F