Getting excited again – hunts are only a few days away!

Starting on 1st December and running through to 31st this hunt is specifically for those who like medieval fantasy roleplay – so it’s perfect for my store! The stores are now bing checked to make sure everything is spot on and the gifts and hints are all in place. Do click on the link to go to the web page  and read more about which stores are in the hunt!!!

The second Renaissance Hunt is also due to start on 1st December and the excitement is again building!!!! Not only the Hunt but also the wonderful Dickens Christmas Village based on the Dickens story ” A Christmas Carol”.

Go here to see some photos of the ghosts and mister Scrooge!!!!

My offerings as gifts to these hunts … well I showed you two of them – now let me reveal all 4 outfits – 2 for the guys and 2 for the girls.

Goddess Damsel and Goddess Blacksmith are my gifts  for the Medieval Fantasy Hunt and Goddess Wintergreen Male and Female are gifts for the Renaissance Hunt. Once the Hunts are over they will be available in store to purchase at full price of $200L each.

Do enjoy them!!!But first you have to find them! So don’t forget to join up at the shop – just touch the signs and you will be able to join up – a good idea so if there are any glitches  you will be informed immediately.


I’ve made another new outfit called Emerald Drops – at the request of a customer –

and an absolutely Dazzlingly gorgeous outfit which will make you shine at any Seasonal Party! Wear it formal or casual, wear just the trousers and the fur bits – however you choose have fun in it – the gown is called Goddess Dazzling – I still need to box Dazzling up  it’s a lot of fabric to get tidily into one small box – but I’ll do my best :)- but just a taste of the latest exciting clothes from Goddess Fantasies!


More wonderful Hunts due shortly!


The Renaissance hunt is about to start on 1st December and it will be running through the store … here’s a sneak preview of my gifts….



There is also the Medieval Fantasy hunt starting on the same day – so you should be busy running round collecting the wonderful designer gifties on the run up to the Festive Season! I’ll post my gifts for the Medieval Fantasy Hunt shortly ….

Why not get some early Christmas gifts and have a bit of fun too – come over to the store and sit on Santas knee – see if you’ve been good or bad. ” outfits as gifts – so let’s see if Santa loves you or hates you! While you are there – why not write a letter to Santa? Touch the board  near the landing point and then ask  5 friends over and they touch the board too – if your initials all stay on the board then the gift is a lovely gown for all of you! The gown is called Christmas Bride and here’s a little photo of it. You’d best get over quickly though – they are going FAST!


OK more from me shortly – must dash and get some more stuff ready for Christmas …… while you’re thinking Christmas – why not pop over and have a look round the market at Goddess Fantasies – theres a few gifts you may like … and a new store too …….. called Tulips …a gorgeous place!