´╗┐Hunts are going so well!

ALL the hunts are going SO well, the store has been busier than ever….!

Many thanks for the wonderful comments I’ve had about the shop – how many of you ┬álike it – this makes me feel so good about my work in Second Life – it’s nice to get compliments!

Just wanted to tell you I appreciate your coming over to the store and chatting to me – thanks to everyone who has been over – and here’s to many more of you hunting!


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Goddess Fantasies, surrounded by water is just that, a beautiful shop full of all kinds of items to make your fantasy even more exciting in SL. The moment you arrive there are a bunch of hunt signs with hints to where they are located in the shop.

Walking right in you immediately notice lots of fiberoptic butterflies going in a circle around a lamp display. To make it even more exciting, the mutlicolored grass below just adds to the atmosphere. You can even buy the grass for your home or business. What’s even better is that it’s only 1 prim, so you can easily spread it out and not take up a lot of prims. Definately a nice add to a club, home or business.

Goddess Fantasies has your every fantasy here, if you want to be a Mermaid, there are several to choose from. Feel like being a Fairy, you will have plenty to select.

What is nice about Goddess Fantasies is that if you join contests often, this is your place for finding some unique and cool outfits to wear. Goddess Showgirl is a cute outfit, and you never have to worry about not being able to gift them as there is a gift option in the bottom right corner. Makes it handy if you want to surprise a friend or lover and make them smile.

For the guys, there are a lot of different outfits as well, if you don’t see what you’re looking for, just flip through the selection screen using the blue arrows at the bottom. You’ll find gothic, pirate and more besides the victorian outfits on the sides.

In the new item section there are some very pretty dresses, more fantasy outfits and so much more. The quality is superb and if you are looking for wedding style dressed, you don’t have to go far. Just take a few steps to the left.

This place really is a magical area and with the music and the atmosphere any fantasy lover is going to feel at home. The second floor has more outfits, and do not forget to check out the middle areas on each floor. If you are a builder or just looking for textures for your objects, there are plenty to choose from. The MM (Midnight Madness) board is to the left of the textures with a lucky chair, both displaying some cute outfits.

Dollarbies are not far behind as you have a lot to pick from for both male and female. So be sure to landmark this place and share it with your friends.