A lovely write up for Day of the Dead Festival!

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Clear out of the store


Well today I put on my old clothes and dusted, swept and polished the store till it gleamed!! So why? Well I want people to get a good impression – and it was getting cluttered – so  I have taken down some of the old items which will shortly be put up in the one dollarbies section.

So here’s what I do after a hard days work – I have a long hot steamy bath, wrap myself in a fluffy dressing gown ( bath robe) and put my feet up!

Don’t forget the hunts upcoming – some wonderful gifts from some amazing SL designers – nothing but the best – and all of them free or only $5L per item– what a bargain! So if you need a few new things for your home, your garden, your wardrobe and you dont have much spare cash – why not join up to the hunts below – and get  your inventory filled up with some fantabulous offers????

Go on – you KNOW you want to!

Twisted Fall Hunt 1-30th Sept

Carnival Days Hunt 1 – 30th Sept

Medieval Fantasy Hunt 1-30th September

Steam the Hunt 7 1 – 30th September

Skipping Stones Hunt 15th – 30th September.

The Twisted Fall Hunt starts 1st September!



Here’s a sneak preview of my gift for Twisted Fall – be afraid!!! Hop over to their page and have a look!