Start of the Hunts!!!!!

A load of Hunts  start 1st June – so don’t miss out!!!! Loads of lovely items made by some of SL’s best designers and creators – furniture, jewellery, all sorts of wonderful goodies just waiting to be found by  intrepid hunters – and all are FREE! I always try to make one male and one female outfit – or I’ll do a new tattoo for the guys – whichever way – I hope you like my gifts!!!


Also featured today is one of my new clothing ranges for the guys – its called Ranger and would go nicely with my female ranger outfit. Both are suitable for medieval/fantasy roleplay – particularly elven  ones. Here’s a photo of my male and female Ranger outfits to tempt you!!!

Don’t forget – nothing is over $200L in the shop and many things are a lot less – so – on your marks…. get set …. GO for the HUNTS!!!!!!!!!!


Silk Road hunt

Here’s a sneak preview of the Silk Road hunt gifts from Goddess fantasies ….

Mercury Rising Hunt Gift for da ladies ….

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Mercury rising?? Days getting hotter/ The slip on this cool, soft, silky dress, add a nifty hat to shade your eyes – and Bob’s your Uncle – cool as a cucumber in the heat ….. Take a peep at the gift from Goddess Fantasies!!!

And for the gents? Well strip off and show us your muscles – a lovely tattoo for you guys …..

Everything in Store is UNDER $200L – ALWAYS!!!

I’ve just been looking through Marketplace – and there are some superb designers out ther – personally I think I’m average – and that’s why m,y outfits are kept low prim and low price. Roleplayers need clothes that won’t suck an rp sim dry but that look pretty and can be mixed and matched – hence – the low price tag. Roleplayers also need a few costumes in their wardrobe – so if I produce them and sell them more cheaply – they will come back – or at least thats the hope!

As a roleplayer myself I am sick of people trying to rip me off for RP costume- whether silks, fae outfits or whatever – its not fair to add a much bigger price tag just because we are roleplayers – and thats one reason why I started Goddess Fantasies – to provide a cheap way of getting decent clothes without ripping rpers off.

I have people coming into the shop now who are Cosplayers – people into BDSM costume play – which is just another branch of RP – I am delighted to welcome them in!Many thanks to Mark Farner for passing my name around his world  🙂 I’ve sent a freebie across to say thank you!!

I was involved in a fashion show at Cadair last week – Unfortunately I couldn’t get over to see it  but many , many thanks to the organisers for showcasing my things and specially to the pretty model who worked so hard!!!

Speaking of Models – FAR’s next Top Model Contest is due to be judged this weekend – but if you HURRY and pick up an application form there may just be time to squeeze you in as a last minute entrant.

Here are the rules – but be QUICK


FAR Hunt Shopping Plaza is seeking their first inhouse model!!  Do you have what it takes to represent a slew of merchants?  Be the face and voice of FAR and it’s Assoiciates at fashion fairs, expos, fashion shows?  Gather your creative juices because that’s what it’ll take to be the FAR’s Next Top Model.

Entry Deadline – May 20th @ Midnight
Assignment Photos Due no later than May 25
Judging – May 26th & 27th

Prizes –
1st Place – Trophy, A Professional Photoshoot, L$1000, L$500 Gift Voucher to Far Concepts & FARplay, L$500L Credit Voucher to Goddess Fantasies & L$500 Credit Voucher to Piddler’s Perch

2nd Place – L$300, L$300 Gift Voucher to Far Concepts & FARplay, L$300L Credit Voucher to Goddess Fantasies & L$300 Credit Voucher to Piddler’s Perch

3rd Place – L$200, L200 Gift Voucher to Far Concepts & FARplay, L$200L Credit Voucher to Goddess Fantasies & L$200 Credit Voucher to Piddler’s Perch

** Here’s what ya gotta do to take home the title of FAR Top Model

Your first assignment is as follows:
The theme is “Garden Fantasies”.

Your job is to portray “Garden Fantasies” so that  your photo entry expresses this.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CONTEST RULES.
1)The competition is open to male or female avatars.

2) Entry is $100L. This is in order to only  accept people who are committed and serious about working for FAR.

Please remit payment to Tattoo Lane to receive props needed for assignment. (send notecard with transaction details in case Tattoo Lane is offline at time of payment. Alternatively you may teleport to Goddess Fantasies, pay the appropriately label box to receive the props. (repeat from above)

3) Each entrant must buy an outfit from one of the FAR merchants to wear on the photo entry.

4) You MUST use three props from the Prop Box given at the time of payment to help you to portray the theme. Choose your own location … find somewhere you feel gets into the spirit of the theme.  Take many pics and choose the best, we will only accept one photo per contestant.

If you are confident using a graphics programme then do use it to enhance your picture, however this is NOT compulsory.  We are looking for the spirit and creativity of the assignment NOT wonderful graphic skills.

Once you have chosen your photo to be considered for the title of FAR’s Next Top Model, please rename it  “Garden Fantasies Contest” add your FULL NAME and send it to BOTH Tattoo Lane AND Ava Runnner. PLEASE ENSURE YOUR PHOTOGRAPH IS FULL PERMS!

Only ONE entry per model – so choose wisely and really think about your theme. The quality of the photograph is not necessarily what we are looking at – its the theme and how you have portrayed it.


First round judging will take place on the weekend of May 26th & May 27th to ensure each judges availability.

Ava & Falk Runner of FAR Concepts & FARplay
Tattoo Lane – Goddess Fantasies
FAR Hunt Group Plaza merchants
Current Models on Staff

Each photograph will be closely assessed by the judges to find the THREE contestants who will enter into the final round.

Final Round —
One last assignment will be given to the three finalists.  The details of such and the dates for submission will then be announced.

The judging process will be the same, however, only ONE will be choose as the FAR’s Next Top Model.


Ava Runner & Tattoo Lane
FAR Models





Hunts, hunts hunts!!

Come one , come all – there are so many hunts now ongoing that you must join at least a few of them to refresh your wardrobe, and make yourself feel spoiled!!

May into June sees the last of the Life in Bloom Hunt by Ava Carrasco@ the  FAR  Group – I am so  sad to see this Hunt end as its been a load of fun! However – its not all doom and gloom – in fact theres more hunts for your money starting shortly!!!!

Time for a Cure Hunt – ongoing – Unisex prize to be found!

1)A Midsummer Night’s Dream 3
Gridwide Hunt

June 21 thru July 21, 2012

2) The Silk Road Hunt 3 starts 1st June

3)The Medieval Fantasy Hunt 1-30th June

4) Mercury Rising Hunt June 1st – 30th


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Sinister Steampunk Hunt July 1st – 31st

More Hunts!!!!!!Preview of a few gifties!

YESSSSSSSS more Lovely Hunts for you all – . Curently we have the Life In Bloom Hunt ongoing

Goddess Fantasies Roleplay clothing

***((Hunt gifts preview – for up and coming hunts*****

A Midsummer Night’s Dream 3
Gridwide Hunt

June 21 thru July 21, 2012

Mens gift in progress

The Silk Road Hunt 3 starts 1st JuneImageImage

Mens gift in progress

The Medieval Fantasy Hunt 1-30th JuneImage

Mens gift in progress ( sorry guys!!!)

New releases in store now

$10L hunt gifts … if you missed the Hunt …. find it upstairs

MM boards – and a lucky chair too – come on over and have a look!