Hunts still ongoing – gifts still around the store!

Please don’t forget – we are still only part way through all the Hunts in the shop and there will soon be some new ones for you to take part in! Gifts galore made by Second Life’s BEST designers, all for free or only a Linden dollar – how much better can it get??? Tell your friend,pass on the information – but of course NEVER tell them where the prizes are hidden – cos this spoils it for all of us!!! Penitent Hunt look for a purple heart, Spring Showers Hunt look for a raindrop, Steam 6 Hunt look for a cog! Loads of information and hints on the noticeboards at the store entrance , so click the posters, and get cracking – !


A wonderful day at King’s Landing!

One of the amazing gowns being modelled.The Finale of the show with the models on the catwalk.The beautiful ladies gracefully dancing on the green!

More pictures of the ladies … gorgeous!

Gentlemen please tke your partners and above ……Backstage before the Fashion show – the nerves are showing!

What a day!! I had been invited to take part in a Fashion show at King’s Landing, a roleplay sim situated at King’s Landing (WGoTS) Game of T, Night Star Oasis (60, 167, 2801). I had to leave the festivities early – but here’s a glimpse of the fun to follow!

3 Events in 1 day:
-Fashion Show 10:30am slt
-Sword Tournament  3pm slt
-Feast and Dance 5pm slt

1- Medieval Fashion Show for Dazzled by Dreams sponsored by King’s Landing.
-Fashions  provided by:
Dazzled by Dreams
BlackFyre Forge
Goddess Fantasies

2- Sword Tournament
-$L cash prizes (will accept sponsors and donations for this)
-gift prizes from Dazzled by Dreams, Wan’s World, and BlackFyre Forge

-IC the winner gets to award the Crown of Love and Beauty.

Many thanks to Brigit Targaryen (brigit.silverfall) and  Daegon Targaryen for inviting me there and making me most welcome! Radio was provided by Gorean Radio and the announcer was Irish Breen – well done to everyone in the Fashion show, and I hope you get lots of people to this glorious event!

Oh my GOODNESS many thanks to ADAM

What an exciting day – I was asked to do a photoshoot of my item in the Steam hunt – by a charming gentleman by the name of Adam Phoenix – he spent ages arranging the lights, the prop[s, talking me through – and the end result was MAGICAL! Have a look for yourselves ..

Goddess Rachel (russet) a new gown at Goddess Fantasies.


Do I look like a goddess or WOT?? ( The answer by the way  is yes – or I boot you  out of my shop okies? got the message???)

Ok – onward and upward – because of this wonderful hiatus in my life as a creator I really still haven’t got anywhere with  hunting myself … so .. I decided it ws time for another gown .. tadadadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

May I present to you  Goddess Rachel .. this is the first of a series – the opening gown is a russetty red … only $200L and if you wear he tag you get a 20% discount … can’t be bad huh?


Launch of Floral rust gown.

Hi again – just popping in to let you know about my latest launch – its called Goddess Floral rust gown and is as usual hand textured by moi! It’s a lovely gown in a peachy colour, which is very flattering to the skin! The detail is gorgeous and includes some really delicate lace around the shoulders and the panel at the front.It can be worn to a formal ball or a posh do – you’ll feel like a million dollars in this gown, and it would be superb for a roleplaying gown. It comes complete with  bodice, underskirt, panties, very full skirt, bangles, a belt and a lovely corsage of peach roses worn at the breast. .. so come on while it’s cheap – at the moment it’s only $99L for Goddess Fantasy members – get your skates on this price won’t last long!!!

FAR Hunt group Fashion Show.

Ok – so where HAS the time gone?? One minute I was happily blogging and making gifts for Hunts – the next I find myself a week on with not a lot achieved by way of hunting! Why did this happen?? Was I in a Tardis?? Nope – guess again…….I was in the process of launching a new business after the amazingly wonderful Fashion Show with FAR Hunt Group! The Fashion show, for those of you who missed it was an awe inspiring event. It show cased some of the best talent in Second Life! Many thanks to our wonderful models and designers who did a great job!

The fashion Show was a joint effort between FAR Hunt group and Goddess Fantasies and I would like to sincerely thank Ava Runner for all her hard work!

FAR Hunt Group Shopping Cent, Perfect Day (49, 110, 20)

Goddess Fantasies Roleplay Clothin @ FAR , Perfect Day (31, 150, 20) – Moderate

Designers were

VPInc – some amazingly sexy undies !

Urban Chic Couture . fun and funky clothes!

Shey .. oh some lovely clothes here!!

Option very sexy clothes!

Goddess Fantasies – well I can’t say anything about my own brand can I??

Many thanks to our wonderful FAR Models : Vanity, Shanzie, Sareena, Maggie and me …. the professionalism shown by these girls was absolutely stunning .FAR Models is going to be a force to be reckoned with and coming soon – we are looking for NEW models to

join our team – look out for more information on the blog.