Sore muscles!!!

I’ve spent the last few days reordering the shop and adding stuff to the top floor. My thanks as always to Zen Wickentower for all his wonderful building work – he made the new store an absolute dream !!! My landmarks the same – but the store is so MUCH better now – and gives me loads more time to be able to create more lovely things for you all. I’m also redesigning  my box covers and standardising them – so watch out for new boxes .. posh ones!!!!


I’ve now added my textures to the top floor – so loads of new textures for you all to come and see. Each texture can be bought seperately or you can buy the box full. I have also put out a few ten dollarbies , and the Mm board for members is now upstairs – so please do go and visit – and see if you can find the  lovely hunt gifts

I am donating. Here’s the gifts for the Medieval Fantasy Hunt … hope you like them!


I think today, as it’s Sunday, I’m gonna do a bit more hunting – and then I’ll take all the things home and open up the boxes .. and blog them for you!!!! Any hunt designers – if you specially want me to blog them please feel free to send me your items.. I promise I’ll blog them for you and give you a bit of advertising…. Right – off we jolly well go!!!


Rezz Day – 5 years in Second Life!

Yesterday  I celebrated 5 years of Second life by doing not a lot of boozing nor eating to much – I didn’t go out celebrating or dancing in the streets – why? Cos I was busy creating again!

I’ve made a new Fae outfit which is on sale for a short time at $50L – a bargain price!

PS – The biter bit

You know I just told you about my lovely hunt gifts – well I just opened another one and the damn chocolate bit back!


.:Evilkyoot:. Designs presents the gift that gives new meaning to Death by Chocolate!  Every year my friend tries to give up chocolate for Lent. What better way to help her give it up than with chocolate that bites back!

If ya wanna get bitten by your chocolates – here’s where to go! Nu Zeeland, Illusion Island (232, 62, 601)

More lovely gifties!

Some of these gifts are just amazing – we have a gazebo by PDN Pot Pourri- so sweet and adorable for a garden in Second Life – they say “At PDN’s Potpourri, you can find a lil’ bit of everything. Knick Knacks, Home Decor and Accents, Furniture, Greeting Cards and more.
Specializing in Custom Invitations for over 2 years for any occasion.
No job too big or small. :)” and can be found at Sunlight Beach (46,208,21)

A beautiful rosary from tash Porthos of dirty little secrets .. Naveh, Envision (128, 135, 1748) which I will need to beg forgiveness for demolishing all that NAUGHY food from Kaerri in their wonderful Gelato Dessert Set  – … burps gently and pats her tummy.. not only was there enough sinful food to sin the Titanic – but there was a lovely table and two chairs… you can find them at Maven Homes (238,13,501).

Once I’d stuffed my face I then had to have a wash and get changed – and I changed into a dream of a dress by WinTeRwood Designs.. it is called Promise gown and is absolutely stunning!!! Winterwood Designs, Ippopotamo (206, 153, 21) I also put a bit of make up on supplied by Mystic Canvass – their thick lashes are so pretty and the skin is almost ethereal with thick, red, glossy, gothy lipstick… [Mystic Canvass] Skins, Shapes, , Canada Rocks (93, 215, 21). So now I look like one glam chick – problem is I now have to lose all that pudding from off my hips … see you in the gym! More goodies to  follow!