What Love Creates Hunt – starts 1st Feb!!!!

Well – I feel like a kid on Xmas Eve – just waiting for Santa to come! This What Love Creates hunt is being run by Avari Carasco and is going to be well worth the trouble. All the Creators are designing something with LURVE in mind – so look out to be inundated with loving gifties from them!

Another Hunt I am taking part in is the Medieval Fantasy  Hunt in March … so look out for more information about that soon ….. So many Hunts, so little time … sighs ……

Why not come and join in – free gifts, and a chance to look at some amazing shops and see some great Second Life Designers and their amazing creativity ………….


dls freebie

Well I for one love it tash – and thank you!

Don’t forget to follow me as I go looking for stuff in SL ……. sighs and begins to clear out her inventory ……

Gorgeous Freebie from DLS [dirty little secret]

[dirty little secret] is running the Penitent Hunt starting on 22nd Feb till 2nd April. tash has sent out a gorgeous little gift which is her current freebie!

This is what she says about it :

[dirty.little.secret]  ::  washer necklaces and bracelets


Available with the following texts:  sexy, property, pet, mistress, master, kthxbai, girl, yush, doll, damaged, boy, boi, bitch, bastard, daddy, babygirl, beloved, i love you, loved, mine, slave, taken


Appropriate for both men and women, these hand-crafted whimsical necklaces and bracelets are made from repurposed aluminum washers stamped with text. The generously sized links on the necklaces and bracelets are crafted of fine silver, adding a subtle contrast to the more matte finish of the aluminum pendants.

Both pieces have a resizer script.

Custom washer jewelry can be made with your text for a fee of 100L + the price of the piece of jewelry.



The excitment is building!!!!

Only a couple more days to go for the What Love Creates Hunt – and there is feverish work going on back stage .. the organisers are all having nightmares, the hunters grow impatient …. What will you find in the goodies boxes left out by the creators? It’s like Xmas all over again – I can never wait to get  home and unpack.. unfortunately my inventory is now reaching massive proportions, and I have to throw things in my SL wardrobe and drawers, and shut them really quickly before it all tumbles out!

Why not organise your inventory, I hear people around me say … ” Put all your notecards in boxes, all your textures in an organiser, and put your clothes in colour order ”  ……………….. hellooooooooooooooooo – can I remind you – this is a GAME! I have a hard enough time in RL organising myself – never mind in  Second Life .. Oh I would so love to have a neat inventory, like my friends have, all the coloured jumpers in reds and blues and greens: furniture ordered into sofas, chairs, tables… jeans washed, pressed and put away neatly …………. but instead I have a mega memory –  or if I can’t find it – then I find something I really thought SL had eaten months ago. So my inventory is like a voyage of discovery for me …………….. it constantly surprises me … why only the other day I  found a parrot, a pop gun  and a unicycle – I really should do a photo to show you – but I’ll leave it to your imagination…… or maybe not – ok you got it …….

Well there ya go – I should be in the circus …………… chuckles .. Well – see you tomorrow with more news and views !


New gown “Tambourine”.

Is it a shortie? Yes. Is it a gown ? Yes. Can I wear it to roleplay? Yes. Can I wear it as a casual ? Yes – just throw on a pair of old jeans! 

A choice of tops and skirts make this a very wearable design for roleplaying, balls, posh do’s or just hanging round in … Tambourine – for the gypsy in you!